Angelo Mota – Pigs

It’s been a while since I’ve actively searched for new, un-tapped music – but today I stumbled upon a gem. 19 year old Angelo Mota is a New Jersey rapper with some serious, serious talent and clearly fits into the mould that we here at VYNLY would like to coin as ‘the next big thing’. We throw that term around a lot to be fair, but we did say the same for G-Eazy and Mac Miller and even had James Blake on tap when CMYK was about so I’d back us in a debate if we ever had one.

Having grown some facial hair since the image we used (it was the only high res one I could find – seriously Angelo, sort that out) his latest video for “PIGS” incorporates my favourite element in recent rap videos – the cartoony animation that still somehow looks hard. I remember watching the Mac Miller “America” video when it first came out and thinking, “damn, this is class” and I couldn’t help but have flashbacks to that sense of WOW when I caught this.

Although his GOODLIFE – LP (cop that HERE) has been around for a while now, this PIGS video has definitely put him on the map and I’m sure there is plenty more to come from this relatable MC. Check the video below.

Let’s hope there’s more to come. Shoutout to Nick Jandora for the video direction.


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