Breakfast #3 – You Tiao

Having now returned to the motherland, I’ve been on a solo mission to eat anything and everything that most of my British peeps would’ve cringed at the sound of. Chilli Bamboo shoots, ‘Rojak’ (a fruit and vegetable salad covered in a tamarind and shrimp sauce) and Chendol (a cold dessert soup) just to name a few. It’s obviously going to get to a point (probably in 2 weeks or so) where I’ve eaten my way through the numerous delicacies that this lovely land has to offer, and I eventually miss good ol’ Iceland frozen food (I kid you not – this is definitely going to happen, even if just for the nostalgic value rather than taste) but until then I’m going to eat my way through all the hawkers within the area.

Keeping within this asian theme, this playlist focuses on a local favourite – You Taio. I personally have never ever called it by it’s Chinese name and have only ever known it as oily bread cause that’s literally what it is. For those of you who caught Eddie Huang’s munchies episode, you would know that this dish is class with some soy milk and a side of dumplings. You can’t really get more Oriental than that really.

Dammit, I need this now.

The recipe comes from Sea Salt With Food – an asian inspired food blog run by Angie Tee who documents her cooking experiences alongside some great food photography. Do check out some of her other recipes, they’re all on fleek.

Peep the video below for a video tutorial on how to make this delicious breakfast delicacy. (Sidenote: I love it when food blogs do this.)

Featuring the likes of T.I, Sam Lachow (the 80 bars mixtape is fire) and Spotify’s predicted blow-up artist for 2015, BØRNS – this playlist is easily our best to date. Check it out and comment below.


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