Lana Del Rey – Video Games

‘’Watching all our friends fall, in and out of old Paul’s, this is my idea of fun…Playing video games.’’ There just so happens to be a playlist on my iTunes entitled ‘Smooth,’ which features everything that would be pleasant to listen to sat on a the edge of the Italian Riviera. I’m not going to […]

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Happy Birthday Nas!

I thought I’d pay tribute to ‘Nasty Nas‘ turning the ripe old age of 38, we had to commemorate the g.r.o.a.t’s (greatest rapper of all time) birthday here at VY-NLY, because let’s be ‘On The Real’, ‘Nas is Like‘ the greatest emcee ever. I wasn’t sure how to pay tribute, I thought I could ‘Ether‘ […]

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DJ Mehdi R.I.P

The electro world was shocked to its core yesterday with the sad passing of the extremely talented producer DJ Mehdi, we felt obliged to give the great man an honourable send-off by showcasing some of his finest work. At 34 years of age he was taken from us far too abruptly, but even at 34, […]

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DSL – Supalove

At this very minute there’s a 21-year-old Frenchman, who’s just come home from an arduous day at a music magazine where he’s on a two week placement. He’s just walked through the door of his home, kicked off his yellow Puma high-tops with abandon, taken off his red Casio calculator watch, run up to his […]

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LDFD; Outtacontrol

Offbeat, Offtrack and Offthechain – three words I’d use to describe ‘outtacontrol’ by Knocksteady inductee LDFD. Incorporating a range of sounds that vary from what could be tabla kicks to the sound you hear when Mario collects the big mushroom, It’s the unusual mixture of noise that makes this track shine through all the other […]

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Tim Myers – Simply Wonderful

One of my social network pet hates, along with the hideous use of asterisk to portray an action (*rolls eyes*) is when people use long winded bullshit lists outlaying what makes them happy/what makes something ‘special.’ (These are usually full of fucking *’s) E.g. ‘milkshakes, snowy mornings, sunny nights, sunsets, *your smile*, *her eyes*, mojitos, […]

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Bei Maejor; They Call Me

It feels good to be back. For those of you who have been following VYNLY’s tyraids over the past few months, I apologise for my lack of music input, but having just completed an internship stint at a local magazine, my excuse is somewhat valid and I’m sure Mr. Evans company was more than adequate. […]

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Blu – NoYork!

I couldn’t even begin to describe how stoked I was to hear that there was going to be a new Blue record this year, it practically had me foaming at the mouth with excitement. Surely ‘NoYork!’ would be a contender for hottest rap record of 2011, possibly an early favourite alongside the Beastie’s ‘Hot Sauce […]

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Jamie XX & Yasmin – Touch Me

Touch Me by Rui da Silva featuring Cassandra Fox could only rightfully be described as the best euphoric dance track of the year 2000, it is a certified ‘club banger’ that gets dropped anywhere from Amnesia to Ministry of Sound to Oceana, and it’s longevity has lasted to the current day. Surely that certifies that […]

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Sampha – Indecision

The Mercury Prize shortlist was announced recently and unsurprisingly James Blake is the early frontrunner for one of the most coveted accolades in British music. One thing that has always left me scratching my cranium, has been the unanswered question of how the panel of ‘experts’ actually decide on the winner and how they judge […]

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DJ Shadow – I Gotta Rokk EP

Does anyone remember cassette tapes? You know those things we used to have like 1000 years ago before digital mp3 downloads, CD’s, laptops, software like Logic Pro and mini discs? no? They were square and plastic with a wound up tape cartridge? no? You had to arduously turn them over to hear the other side of […]

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Fake Blood – Deep Red

It seems like just yesterday that I was a childish 18 year old adolescent, armed with a baby face, too much Paco Rabanne, hi-tops and a speculative ‘first real shirt.’ The days of clubbing for the first time, getting in with my green provisional driver’s license and listening to Mars by Fake Blood through my […]

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Onda Vaga; Jovens

Resident NME contributor Priya Elan published an insightful article a few days ago on the cost of ‘pop sensations’ and rightly pointed out the hidden obvious that although most mainstream artists seem to be huge successes in the eyes of the average top 40 radio junkie, touring the globe creating the visual mirage of the […]

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Chromeo – When the Night Falls

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you mixed one part Lynx Chocolate advert, with one part 28 days later, and churned it with together and made it business casual? Oh plus one part Solange Knowles becoming pregnant. Well there’s a simple answer, you end up with the sick video for Chromeo’s latest, ‘When […]

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Wiz Khalifa – No Sleep

Partying all night long + no sleep + good weed + cold drinks is the mu’fuggin recipe according to Wiz Khalifa who has finally released another single from the gold certified ‘Rolling Papers,’ and unsurprisingly it’s ‘No Sleep.’ A hip hop party anthem and unequivocally one of the strongest tracks on the album; the video […]

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SEEED; Wonderful Life

The first thing that came to mind when I happened to stumble upon Berlin based Reggae/Dance hall team SEEED‘s latest video was – I wonder if it would be possible to get my hands on that costume for Halloween. It’s every intelligent blockheads fantasy to be able to pull off a domo-esque creature suit and […]

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James Morrison; Right By Your Side

Remember that short period when singer-songwriters seemed to be popping up seven times faster than the average rap mixtape? What a strange time that was. It was like all these closet performers just decided that it was their time, got themselves into their favourite deep V/cardigan/jeans combination and jumped into any recording studio they could find. We […]

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Gramatik; So Much For Love

A couple of months ago, the topic of ‘awkward or incomprehensible genres‘ sprang up during a standard smokers night with my flat-mates. The conversation lasted a few hazy hours, with imaginations of how horrible the likes of ‘Grunge Funk‘ or ‘Metal Disco’ would taste, and whether or not the successful merge of genres would even […]

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Kasabian – Days Are Forgotten

I saw a hilarious tweet the other day, ‘’Note to football producers, Kasabian are not the only band in the world.’’ It couldn’t be any more pertinent now that the football season gets underway again (the season that Liverpool win the title,) and all we hear on Sky is ‘Clubfoot’, over and over and over […]

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J.Cole – Any Given Sunday #1

It seems like just yesterday that everyone was talking about this new underground rapper that was ready to blow up, he was hip hop’s biggest secret, there were proclamations that the messiah had arrived, the rapper in question; J.Cole.  Countless mixtapes and an EP later, the prodigious Jermaine Lamarr Cole has finally graduated from his […]

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The Nextmen Vs Bestival 2011

Having witnessed The Nextmen rip it up at WOMAD festival last week, I was eager to get back and write a review. (On a side note about the set, hearing a mosh pit of 14 year olds shouting ‘Dub-Step, Dup-Step,’ was less inspiring than you’d imagine, and the less said about 14 year olds pulling screw […]

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R.O.E. – Revive Let’s be honest, on a scale of 1 to 10, how annoying is hearing about pretentious backpackers and all of their life altering experiences where they ‘find themselves,’ and tell you ‘you have to go.’ I’ve never even left the continent #fuckoff Hating aside, I’ve found a backpacker that I’m dying to hear more […]

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Mat Kearney; Sooner Or Later

Singer-songwriters always get stick from all the indie/hipster/swag kids for being too sappy, plain or simply not indie/hipster/swag enough, and I’m sure we all have those friends where the mere suggestion of a talented musician who doesn’t quite fit their quirky categories is simply shrugged away by their pretentious shoulders. Try mentioning the name Mat […]

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Stalley; Pound

”I want the world to know I’m an everyday dude who comes from a blue-collar city that has some instilled culture [from] high school sports, auto mechanics, steel factories and the railroad industry. I just want people to see that they can relate to me and relate to the music, and everyone knows someone or […]

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Mustard Pimp; ZHM

Forgetting all preconceptions of sexual toys and sexual activities, Mustard Pimp‘s new video ‘ZHM’ has taken us to the world of the muppets, showing that nothing we know, is ever quite filthy or demented enough. Maybe as an adjective for their music in general, the sexually suggestive electro-bangers from France have released nothing but rave […]

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VY-NLY – Free Music

To celebrate VY-NLY’s 1 month birthday, we had an idea, instead of receiving presents, we would rather celebrate by dishing them out. So after meticulously trawling the web, we’ve found some super-duper free, fresh music and collated it all together (with a pretty bow on top;) as our gift to you. Enjoy! A-Trak’s Minimix for […]

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Jehst – England

‘’England, where the smack heads jacking up, crack heads cracking up, you’re back up or backing up, leave with your hands cuffed.’’ In the 1960’s we had John Lennon & Dylan as voices of social and political upheaval, in the 70’s we had the Sex Pistols, the 80’s, The Smiths and so on and so […]

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Macklemore X Ryan Lewis; Wings

“MUM! I TOUCHED THE NET!” I don’t think i’ve hated my Nike SEND HELP’s, but after watching this latest Macklemore video, I kind of want to get rid of my shoe collection entirely. Having been around since 2005, Seattle based artist Macklemore has teamed up once again with popular producer friend Ryan Lewis and released […]

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Hoodie Allen – The Chase is On

‘’Are you from Wu-Tang? Then why’s your face ghost?’’ After discovering Hoodie Allen earlier, the natural thing to do was YouTube everything that he had ever put out. But one recurring theme was emerging; YouTube is actually awash with Hoodie Allen v Sam Adams v Mac Miller v Rob Twizz videos, for lack of  better […]

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