Joey Bada$$ – No. 99

“I’m rushin’ in like Vladimir Putin,
What you want son?”

Recently, I’ve been smashing through old episodes of The Champs podcast (for those of you who aren’t on that podcast game…The Champs is a [fortnightly?] podcast run by two fantastic comedians – Mosche Kasher and Neil Brennan) and something was mentioned on one of the episodes that resonated with me. It’s not verbatim, but it was along the lines of:

“We’re no longer going to make excuses for not posting podcasts on the regular – I like having a bit of space between each episode just so we can say…’we’re back!'”

Sound familiar?


Alongside what is an obvious VYNLY reference, Joey Bada$$ is also back with his latest video “No. 99”. With his upcoming album B4.da.$$ scheduled for the 20th of January next year – he has recently released a slew tracks including ‘Christ Conscious’, ‘Big Dusty’ and ‘Get Paid’ as feelers to what is easily one of the most anticipated albums of the new year.

Check the video below

P.S If you ain’t on The Champs yet – get on it and know that if you enjoy it, you’re part of our family too fam.*



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