Asher Roth – Rasputin

“I’ve been shelved for over 4 years cos of Scooter Braun”


After heading to Truth Studios for the Nottz produced, in-studio release of ‘Rasputin’ back in March Asher Roth has now released a trippy video for a single that shows why he’s still one of the top MC’s out there. Truth be told, I wasn’t really a fan of RetroHash — the long haired, artsy Warhol hippy vibe wasn’t at all what I thought would follow up from the Rawth EP (I still find motivation to eat that morning bowl of cereal from “Gotta Get Up”) and this latest video brings back memories of why I related to him so much just a few short years ago.

Asher captions this video:

“The rain was heavy and the night was dark. After entering the 5th dimension we decided to eat the mushrooms”

If this is the kind of music that Asher is going to be putting out, we better not be sleeping on any future releases.

Check the video below.

This single features alongside Mac Miller, Royce 5’9” and The Serial Killers on the Nottz mixtape – Welcome Home Vol. 3. Pick that up HERE


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