Breakfast #2 – Breakfast Grilled Cheese

There’s nothing better than a grilled cheese. Whether it’s simply a plain cheddar concoction or a mix of savoury tidbits that taste better when covered in melted (insert cheese here), I don’t think I would ever say no. There’ve even been food bloggers throwing Grilled Cheese Parties – something I am growing supremely jealous of in my mid-20’s. I guess what I’m trying to say is,

Grilled cheese parties > Other types of parties.

This week’s playlist honours Stephanie Le and her ‘blog of the year’ iamfoodblog’s grilled cheese recipe, Breakfast grilled cheese. Sorry, but there’s nothing wrong with the sentence I just wrote even though it seemed like I repeated myself twice?

Do what you want with it, but this playlist features the likes of Logic, Drake, Rick Ross x Migos and a slew of other artists that are looking to make your week.

Remember kids: “Start your weekend with a healthy Breakfast

This week’s recipe can be found HERE


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