Bipolar Sunshine – Daydreamer

With only a few weeks left here in the UK, I’ve been trying to do everything quintessentially British (or Welsh depending on how you look at it) – I went to my first ever rugby game, I’ve started saying ‘bins’ rather than ‘the trash’ and I’ve had chips with most meals – carbo loading for the winter, mate.

I’ve also been listening to a lot more great British music. Whether this is a testament to the growing number of British artists making waves in the American market or simply a growing interest in local talent here in the UK, I don’t think anybody can complain with the results. One aspiring star I’ve been paying attention to is Bipolar Sunshine.

Hailing from Manchester, I first caught wind of Bipolar Sunshine when he released ‘Future Pt.1’ (which featured a flawless verse from Washington native Goldlink.) His latest release ‘Daydreamer’ sheds the hip-hop flavour and shows that he’s not simply a one-trick pony. With heavier pop-ish production, it’s an obvious winner that will remind you of the summer just gone.

Adio describes:

“Bipolar Sunshine is pseudonym of Adio Marchant, previously the co-vocalist with the Manchester six-piece Kid British.

Adio is an artist for whom making music isn’t so much a choice as a necessity; it is as if these sounds have been bubbling away within him and are now, finally, bursting into glorious life. Ask the quietly spoken Mancunian where that music was hiding all those years and he answers with a grin: “I wish I knew.”

Have a listen to both ‘Future Pt. 1 feat. Goldlink’ and his latest single ‘Daydreamer’ below.

P.S. My future looks brighter in your eyes.


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