Honne – Warm On A Cold Night

“Ok, it’s 3.17am.

You’re tuned in with your main man, Tom Inglethorpe

This next song is gonna keep you Warm on a cold, cold night

So if you don’t got a lover,

Just close your eyes,

and Listen,

to Honne”

This release couldn’t have come at a better time. With the sudden assimilation of the winter weather here in the UK, East London duo Honne’s latest EP release “Warm on a cold” night is the right kind of ‘intimate tonight’ music for all. What I mean by this (I’m assuming of course) is that you’d rather be listening to this over a Trey Songz “guuuuuurllll” track…probably. I say you should be.

Having first heard this track a couple of weeks ago, my first memory of their single automatically drew me in with the Chet Faker style vocals and the clear comparison to the 2011 staccato drum sound of James Blake – a sound that myself, and most electronic producers have almost become addicted to. Needing into hear more, I decided to find out a little bit more about the duo and realised the personal resemblance shared between Andy Clutterbuck – James Hatcher and Jambo and I goes a little further than our love for this sort of sound. Taking their name from a Japanese proverb, which loosely translates to ‘your true feelings and desires’, Andy and James met and university and have been doing their thing ever since. You’ve heard that one before, surely.

After recently selling out the venues for their upcoming shows, “Warm on a cold night” is all about the combination of blended R&B vocals and soulful melodies – so if you’re into that kind of thing – this is the band and the EP to kick off your late night winter blues.

Listen below.


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