Breakfast #1 – Banana Buckwheat Pancakes With Cacao Nibs

After waking up with a slight temperature yesterday, I decided to call in sick and spend the day wallowing in bed trying to recover before my arch nemesis in FIFA and joint favourite Jafarzadeh, Ryan, cruises to Cardiff for the week. It’s been a long time coming this reunion; having not been home since my first Christmas in the UK, I’ve only seen a handful of friends from back home since then and am eagerly looking forward to catching up in real life, rather than through memes and fantasy football chat on the “Rwadwan Tigers Group” a.k.a “Apple autocorrects words for us and then we stick with the ridiculous phrase as our chat board name,” that we have.

With nothing but my laptop and the house’s cat named Kat, I decided to compile the first VYNLY Breakfast series of our new layout. As I mentioned in our “Comeback Season” post, we actually had a bunch of these already, but due to some complications with our previous web hosting – lost all the old posts and the playlists that were embedded in them – I have no idea whyyy.

For the new VYNLY followers, the Breakfast playlist is a weekly Soundcloud collection of what either J or I have been listening to that week. Ranging from something we heard in a movie soundtrack, to a classic ear worm that was on repeat for that week – it’s just a collection of tracks that we’re keen on. Use it for what you may – we’ve had friends use these playlists for workout routines or as background music when making some late night grub – whatever you choose, just know that these are curated by the guys with tapes on their heads. If you’re a Soundcloud user, make sure to give us the ol’ follow to keep up to date – we may even upload an old “Real Talk” episode in the future.

In addition to the music (and cause we’re massive foodies) each playlist will also be named after a Breakfast dish from one of the niche food blogs that I frequent. A new Breakfast recipe and some curated music? What more could you ask for. This weeks featured recipe and image comes from Carey Nershi over at Reclaiming Provincial – for those of you who are into making your own good food, be sure to bookmark this page as well cause it’s constantly updated with great recipes.

Back to the playlist – this week’s includes the Chance track we covered, a new killer from Lion Babe feat. Childish Gambino and the artists to keep an eye out for – Honne. “Warm on a Cold Night” has become my jam over the past few days (partially cause the weather in Cardiff is returning to its usual, rainy-self) and if you can’t appreciate how great the track is, I don’t know if we can be friends.

We’ve also got Sango, Fergie, Banks just to name a few.

Heres to the first of many playlists…and remember kids:

“Start your weekend with a healthy Breakfast

This week’s recipe of Banana Buckwheat Pancakes With Cacao Nibs can be found HERE


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