Dear: Big Sean

Dear Sean,

Hi. We’ve never met but I’m a massive fan trying to come up with a new way to show you my appreciation. I don’t even know if mail this long is a thing anymore, but I’m old school sentimental and know that if I ever were to finally make it famous, I’d appreciate the words of the people that support me rather than just some nonchalant “sick flows bruh” tweet every now and again. Let me start off by saying that you’re easily one of my favourite rappers, hands down. Now, I’ve not been a rap fan for as long as the die-hard fans out there, but I’d like to think that my 5 years of new school education and chilling with the right people since I’ve been in UK has brought me to a level where I can have a conversation about Biggie or Mase and not look like an idiot. When we’re talking Big Sean history though – “Everyday I leave the crib no money, and come back later with that mother f*cking paper” – I just have to say that you were one of the first guys I properly followed. The only way was upwards from “Getcha Some” and to be honest, I can’t believe it’s taken this long to get to where you are now.

You’ve probably already noticed that this letter is on another one of those music blogs that always seem to pop up every now and again. VYNLY is actually a little more than that, its more of a place where Jambo and I can feel like we’re part of the music we love listening to. Music to us is more than just what we listen to on the tube ride to and from work – it’s our entire lifestyle, our choice and we’re just looking to share what we love and create (which is stupid articles/letters to our favourite artists) and hope to influence our own fans. In other words, It’s all about the Mula – we have more things in common for a confused Singaporean and a Detroit player.

As fan mail goes, and I’ve never written one so I wouldn’t know (I don’t even know if this is fan mail?) there are a few things I want to thank you for. Firstly, thank you for stepping up and repping a small city. I’m originally from Singapore, and although I’m not at the ‘will take a bullet for you’ friendship level with it like you are with Detroit, know what it feels like to want to rep your city all across the world. There are things I’m proud of my city for, but there are also things I wish could change and I’m assuming its the same for you. There is so much going on in both our cities and people just need to realise that and although they’re different end of the spectrums, there’s still so much room to grow and that potential can never be reached.

Secondly, and don’t take this the wrong way – but cheers for showing that 5’7 fools like us stand a chance. I’ve had my fair share of talk for being the shortest amongst the group but I’m always glad to see you getting it. I’m sure my time will come but you’re gonna have to talk deets to me of the best places that stock our size – is the Aura Gold M a good fit?

Finally, I just want to thank you for your music man. Keep doin’ what you’re doing. You’ve been killing it with these recent freestyles (I’ll leave below for those who haven’t heard) and to all those who doubt – IDFWU. It’s so difficult to say which would be my favourite of your tracks, but “24k of Gold” is up there purely cause I remember the release of the teaser video and thinking, damn, he’s moved up another level. If we’re going old Sean though, “Studio Love” was a classic with those pianos.

There ain’t much else I can say but good luck with everything that you do and know that your fan base here in Cardiff is strong. I can’t wait for the new album and say hi to Ariana.

Real talk from across the pond,


P.S My housemate is a massive Bloc Party fan and proper laughed when you and Wiz added that bonus track for the Detroit Mixtape. Seriously, where did that come from?


For those who need some Big Sean education, here is that freestyle I mentioned earlier along with some of my favourite tracks.

“You know I was the first one to have her bending over in a video / I’m just saying facts, you ain’t really know”


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