Luke Chrisopher – The Boy Is Here

Something I’ve learnt about myself recently is that I’m a fan of the upbeat hip hop (if you will.) What I mean by this, is that 8 times out of 10, I’m probably going to choose someone like Luke Christopher over Pusha T. Their styles couldn’t be more different and DON’T GET ME WRONG – Pusha is a God – but for the atmosphere I mainly listen to music in, I ain’t thinking about having a chest full of chains and an arm full of waatches.

I just want to hear that life is all good.

We already know that the LA Leakers know what they’re doing when they back an artist, and Luke Christopher is another example of a trophy in their collab cabinet. Providing a little introduction at the start of the album, The Los Angeles Leakers (“that is an amazing name whoever came up with that is a, freakin genius”) welcome Luke back onto the scene once again and he doesn’t disappoint. Producing most of the mixtape himself, the opening track “The Boy Is Here” stamps the tone for the rest of the mixtape boasting incredibly infectious drums, soulful samples and another catchy alliterated third cause, you know, the rule of three. Honestly though, I’ve been psyched for this project since the first TMRW TMRW mixtape; this second shows an obvious maturity which I can’t help but bob my head to.

Here’s a shout (similar to the ones we made for G-Eazy and Hoodie Allen) – he’s going places.

The feats on this album couldn’t be more relevant with the likes of tangerine dreaming Asher Roth and California Jillian (shout out Kaltman) BANKS gracing “Lets have a party” and the Waiting Game (Remix.) Having worked with Asher on “Rooftops”, the feat doesn’t surprise anyone but, why fix what ain’t broken – these guys clearly know what they’re doing. If this is the next step in Christopher’s career, I can’t wait till the full LP.

And there be the first recommended mixtape of the new VYNLY era.

Download your copy/stream of TMRW TMRW Pt. 2 HERE and check out the video for “The Boy Is Here” below.

P.S Both the artists Jamie and I have reviewed are younger than us,

“The new needs friends” mantra lives.


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