Chance The Rapper & The Social Experiment – No Better Blues

Using the fact that we’re over the pond here in the UK and that I’m not as glued to my Twitter feed as I used to be, I wasn’t able to catch up on this tweet by the man himself. Waking up to a new Chance track though, that’s pretty special.

Since the explosion of Acid Rap in 2013, Chance the Rapper has featured heavily in one-off tracks with acclaimed producers such as James Blake and Skrillex, worked with our resident favourite Childish Gambino on “The Worst Guys” and most recently, has been releasing singles with The Social Experiment – have you heard the Arthur theme song cover he did?

“No Better Blues”, which he announced in that impromptu tweet last night, is just another example of his love for the piano, with the melodic undertones providing a soulful foundation for his poetic raps. As depressing as the lyrics are – he spends most of the timing reciting things that he hates, from “virtually all vegetables” to “the couch” – you can’t help but be addicted to the combination of chords and rhymes. You kind of, need to know what else he hates. It’s ironic that I can’t disagree with most of what he is saying – but like I mentioned before, it’s mostly happy hip hop I look for – this track although completely opposite from what is my norm, hits the emotional spot.

As a sure thing for a future Breakfast playlist feature, this song makes you question how life always has a way of turning out for the best – even with all the things that you hate.

“I hate to date / I fuck to hate / I hate to love / I hate to hate”

Peep the track below.


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