Why Do I Like Jaden Smith?

Why Do I like Jaden Smith?

Let me just start this existential pop culture question by stating that I absolutely love Will Smith. I grew up watching the guy from West Philadelphia, born and raised. To this day I can still quote verbatim everything Geoffrey ever said, “VOLLEY AND THUNDER!” Men In Black was one of my alll time favourite franchises when I was younger and obviously Big Willie Style was the first album that I bought from Virgin Megastores when I was 8. I even still have Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble on 12 inch. So to cut a long story short, Will Smith has always been one of my fandoms; but one thing I can’t figure out, is how do I also like his son Jaden?

I don’t really want to take many pot shots at a 16 year old kid, I am 24 after all, but essentially he has never been my cup of tea. He didn’t really cut it for me in the Karate Kid reboot, neither has any of his music induced in me the slightest bit of enjoyment that his father’s has over the years. Until now.

It began with his feature on Childish Gambino’s Stn Mtn/Kauai mixtape, where he plays ‘The Boy;’ there’s something about his spoken word intro’s/exits that I really like and I can’t put my finger on it. It might be that merely his association with Childish Gambino is enough to make me a fan, or maybe I’ve understimated the boy because I’ve always seen him as a manufactured conception by a load of rich people. What really made me sit up and take notice to young Jaden were his ‘Fast’ freestyle and in particular, his song ‘Melancholy’ which samples the almost holier than thou ‘Breathe’ by Pink Floyd and features vocals from the other Smith sibling Willow. I don’t know why, but I really really like Melancholy and there is something of an Earl Sweathirt about him, albeit less talented. I would recommend maybe listening to some of his music with a blindfold on so you can’t see what you’re really doing and no one can judge. See no evil, hear no evil etc.

But especially give Melancholy a try and you might be pleasantly surprised. Why do I like Jaden Smith? fuck knows.


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