Comeback Season

“The 30th of September would be the perfect date to get VYNLY up and running again.” Seemingly innocuous words from my Singaporean cohort and bro Ben Rynjah a couple of weeks back prompted us to get off our arses and do exactly that, get VYNLY going again. If you’ve been a fan of the site before, you’ll already be aware that we’ve been promising this for a long time and we do get really excited and map out new designs and plan new concepts at the time before ultimately realizing that we’re lazy shits. It doesn’t happen. Your mum’s favourite hip-hop blog doesn’t get a full makeover and we don’t end up posting at least three times a day like the halcyon days of reviewing Mac Miller every time he gets high on a blue slide in 2011.

If you’re new to VYNLY, we started this blog in 2011 to share our love for our favourite artists and their work and throwing in some reviews or intreviews here and there. There are a variety of reasons for why we aren’t big in Japan yet, or vying with Buzzfeed and DIY in your bookmarks; mostly owing to school/work committments and Ben and I being on different sides of the world to each other. But let’s be honest, it’s 2014, the world is tiny. If some dude can go out of his way to steal JLaw and Kate Upton nudes from the cloud, the least we could have done was write about Rick Ross’s best ‘Ugh’ once or twice a week. But this time is different, this time we’re serious.

This time we’ll have more friends to help us out and give us the motivational push to stop playing FIFA, and to work on the blog that we painstakingly set up after watching James Blake live then Disney’s Tarzan back in the day. We’ve added our friend Zac ‘Morris’ Cole to the VYNLY family and we hope you like the handywork he’s put into the re-design and his presence on site. We’re sure you will, everyone likes Zac, I mean my mum likes him more than she likes me. We also plan on expanding our genre a bit and will post about literally anything now, although our roots are still steeped in the rap game, so it won’t be long until you see some Lil Bibby hype.

Also since we’ve been away, Ben has become completely obssessed with Big Sean and I think Future is the greatest human being of all time, or at least tied with Adam Lallana. Yes that’s right, there will be more football on the blog and not just as quirky metaphors in our reviews comparing Pharrell to Francesco Totti or Kid Cudi with Arturo Vidal. Alongside Zac we’ve rounded up some of our nearest and dearest to add some of their stuff to our site and all of them have been published on some really cool (not as cool as us) sites.

We are also looking for new artists or creatives to send us their work so we can take a look and show them some love, which is something that we may have neglected a little bit the first time around. Saying that, we are looking to amend this and would like to promote as much new music as we can, being the nice guys that we are. So if you are an artist and would like to get in touch, please tweet us at @vynlymag, @benrynjah or @childishjambino or drop us one of those e-mail things to

We’re back in business.


P.S. Wiz if you’re reading this, we’re here for you bro. No new friends, except Zac.


Looks like we missed that date – again. I promise that personally, I’m never usually late for important dates – I mean, with the exception of when I say I’m going to be at the pub at 4pm, and actually arrive at half past – I’m usually never late. When Jambino and I have something in the works however, odds are usually stacked against us and based on our previous record – apparently are for good reason. We once missed a bus from London to Cardiff because both our alarms didn’t go off that morning, there was a delay on the tube and we couldn’t run the 300m distance from Victoria station to the bus terminal in Usain Bolt time.

When we’re where we need to be though…Sup.

Jamie has pretty much covered everything I would’ve said about VYNLY (in a funnier way no less) with his post above, but what I would like to add is that we’re not just doing this to get big in Japan anymore, we’re doing this because we don’t have any other way to express what we’re interested in. It used to be easy when we lived in the same place; I could cruise round and chat Newcastle United transfer rumours or argue why I don’t like True Detective to get that out of my system for the following few days. It ain’t that easy anymore and I’m still not used to the iPhone keyboard for me to respond to the flurry of Whatsapp messages that come my way throughout the day. Call me old fashioned, but what ever happened to buttons?

The old VYNLY has died with distance, but VYNLY 2.0 is all about learning how to type.

I think if you told me a few years ago that we would own a somewhat reputable hip hop whatever ‘thing’ this is, I would’ve laughed – probably cause I was still listening to A Day To Remember – but still, laughed. Now that we’ve actually had some time to grow up and become actual people (rather than slouching like the delusional students we once were) I think this new project is going to be a lot better. With the inclusion of ZZ-Cole to our back three, we’re looking to play more attractive football – and although it’ll take us a while to get used to things (i.e. a 2-1 loss to Swansea at home in our first game) I think we’ll eventually get it right. Van Gaal knows what he’s doing.

There are going to be a bunch of new weekly features and probably the resurrection of the weekly Breakfast playlists (which for some reason were lost cause we didn’t back up our latest content when we changed web hosting) so there is plenty more to come and I can’t wait to get going.

We just need to get going.
So we are.

This is us being where we need to be.

Moolah, Benji’s and Franklins,


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