Curren$y; Chasin Paper feat. Pharrell

So It’s finally summer here in Cardiff – although it would be hard to know it with all this rain and wank weather – but on the bright side, I did manage to get some hardcore gardening done in preparation for the numerous amounts of barbecues I predict I’m gonna want to have over the course of the new 3 months. Plus, I’m pretty proud to say that I have a pretty fresh and clean garden now. #gardengangster.

Putting that sort of greenery to one side, let’s move on to the other green that everyone loves, weed money. We here at VYNLY are possibly going to be putting out some long awaited merch over the course of the summer and with our ‘Japan T Shirt Dream’ finally making some progress – albeit a year later – we’re taking a page out of Eddie Huang‘s book, going in grinding and chasin’ that paper.

Off Spitta’s upcoming album – The Stoned Immaculate – Curren$y has teamed up with Mr. I am other himself, Pharell in “Chasin’ paper”, a track that couldn’t have been better timed/seemed more topical for us #vynly boys. With the album dropping tomorrow (5th june) we’ll surely be getting on it, so be sure to get on it too and spread some love for an artist that continuously brings it to the table.


p.s If you want to see why Eddie Huang is our new hero here…set aside 30 minutes of your life and watch this.


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