Lil Wayne; My Homies Still feat. Big Sean

On our previous episode of Real Talk Radio, we had a short segment where we talked about the numerous BEEFS that were had within certain hip hop collectives at the moment. After a quick Wiki search on air (obviously…I mean who ever plans radio shows/I fucking love technology) and a hilarious conversation that ended up with Jamie, Joe and I coining and defining the term ‘wikibeef’ – we went through the numerous feuds that make hip hop more interesting than other boring ‘circle jerk’ genres like pop for instance.

Of course the Bourguignon that everyone who wants to know about, knows about, is the G.O.O.D music vs. YMCMB scuffle OR rather the Pusha T vs Lil Wayne clash. The spread of this hip hop stroganoff to ‘new age formats’ make being a G seem a little less dangerous than it was when Tupac and Biggie were around I mean, I came across the headline…”Lil Wayne bashes Pusha T on Twitter” (Ou doesn’t that sound bad ass)

Does anyone know why these guys are even fighting in the first place?

Levigating this feud aside, it must have been a shock to fans when Big Sean and Wayne teamed up on “My homes still”, a track off Wayne’s upcoming project, I Am Not A Human Being 2. It’s good to see that Tunechi has come back strong after ‘Gonoreea’…i mean, let’s not go into how much of a joke that was, but STD’s aside, I fuks with this track and have high hopes for this upcoming album.

we here at vynly will be keeping an ear out for the actual release date of the album, which is said to be out sometime this summer, so if you hear when – let us know…bitch?


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