Odd Future – Oldie

As Ben alluded to the other day, we fucking love Odd Future, it’s bordering on an obsession for me lately, especially after I managed to catch their live show at the O2 Academy in Brixton a couple of weeks back. Ben’s intensely obsessed with Frank Ocean, and I am to a certain degree, but Earl Sweatshirt does it for me, and Tyler’s a genius (no homo…faggot.) It seems if I’m not listening to the OF Tape, Vol.2, I’m listening to Bastard/Goblin, The Internet, Nostalgia/Ultra, the Earl mixtape or Mellowhype, I really can’t get enough. I’m wearing an Earl tee as I type.

The live show was off the chain, buying drinks was hella expensive, and there was no Earl or Frankie but the performance and the mosh pits definitely made up for it. The Odd Future hooligans were fucking up the school again, and Mike G even did an acapella version of his verse on Oldie. And ‘Oldie’ is precisely the reason why I’m here; I know the tape’s been out for a while and we’ve all seen the video for ‘Oldie’ but I’ve been hitting that repeat button over and over and over again, which is crazy considering it’s 10 minutes long. It’s like my 2012 ‘Niggas in Paris,’ even though that anthem has just notched up 200 plays on my iTunes, and I still request it everywhere I go; that shit cray. Oldie’s like one of the best cyphers I’ve ever heard and lyrically it’s up there with anything Mos Def, Talib or Common could come up with; and who knew Frankie could rap so hard?

While I was in the bathroom I decided to chronologically rate every verse in order of how swag they are, and I couldn’t let intrinsic data like that go to waste now could I?

So here goes:

Tyler, the Creator: 7/10

Best line: ‘My bitch white and black like she’s mimicking a panda.’’

Hodgy Beats: 7/10

Best line: ‘’Smiles of cowards in lead showers, dead spouses in red blouses.’’

Left Brain: 7/10

Best line: ‘‘Dome where that Flocka Flame? Talking ‘bout a lighter.’’

Mike G: 6/10

Best line: ‘’I’m home alone, dreaming of two on ones, like Rihanna and Christina Milian bring it on.’’

Domo Genesis: 4/10

Best line: ‘’I’m a chill in the cut so I can cut it short short, break it down, couple pounds, roll it up.’’

Frank Ocean: 9/10

Best line(s): ‘’Rent a super car for a day, drive around with your friends, smoke a gram of that haze.’’

‘’Bumping oldies off my cellular phone.’’

Jasper Dolphin: 7/10

Best line: ‘’Hey it’s Jasper, not even a rapper, only on this beat to make my racks go faster.’’

Earl Sweatshirt: 9/10

Best line: ‘’I made it back to Fahrenheit, grimey get dinero type, feral, fucking ill apparel, wearin’ pack of parasites.’’

Tyler, the Creator 2: 8/10

Best line: ‘’So instead of critiquing and bitchin’, being mad as fuck, just admit, not only are we talented, we’re rad as fuck.’’



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