Drake – Take Care/HYFR (Videos)

When VYNLY began hosting a student or ‘college’ hip-hop radio show, we were really focussed on themes for some reason, as If it was the sure fire way for us to become superstar DJ’s overnight. One of our first ever themes was largely based around Drake’s sophomore album, ‘Take Care;’ which looking back, was up there with one of the best shows we put out. We called it ‘Drakes on a Plane,’ see what we did?

On that show, I declared that we were about to play the best track of our brief radio history, that track was the title track off the album, ‘Take Care’ featuring Ri-Ri. On reflection, I might have been high when I made that hyperbolic declaration, however it doesn’t take anything away from how much of a banger that song was, and is. Although dually being a Jamie XX and Gil Scott-Heron fan boy, as well as loving Drizzy has probably made me love it regardless.

The video for the single was released the other day and we simply had to post it and review it. So here goes; as hot a couple as Drake and Rihanna make, the video gargles balls. I don’t quite understand what a buffalo, a tropical fish, a dancing monk, a snowy mountain or an eagle have in common with a minimal YMCMB style backdrop, I really don’t. I’d give it a 3/10, but the song still balls hard.

‘’I’ve loved and I’ve lost doodoodoodoodooodoodoodooo.’’ Man, I fucking love Jamie XX.

Drizzy also released the official video to accompany ‘HYFR’ featuring Weezy the other day; and unlike the ‘Take Care’ vid, it’s off the chain. It’s a recreation of Drake’s re-bar-mitzvah, and oy vey is it swag. DJ Khaled in a synagogue, Drake rocking a red OVO owl shirt, Weezy in a panda mask, old drunk white people, scantily clad bitches; this list is so much better than the one I reeled off up there ^. I give it a 9/10.


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