If you’ve been following VYNLY and our escapades here on this site, you’ll probably already know 3 things about Jamie and I – we’re extremely pretentious bastards, we have incredible football trivia and that we love music too much that it would be hard to tell you which genre ‘is our favourite’…BUT, we have been pretty keen on Odd Future and most things they get up to recently. On that note, let’s rewind a few months to the start of the OF hype and recall that jazz band Tyler had a little jam session with – BADBADNOTGOOD. Now, with a little help from Tyler’s hype, this jazz/hip hop trio took the web by storm after video’s of the two collaborating on a session of ‘Seven’ and ‘Fish’ went viral. It was also the first time that I took Tyler seriously to be honest; he was able to hold his own in a room with incredible musicians – a room in which he was the oldest in.

Having bonded over Waka Flocka Flame and Gucci Maine back in college, pianist Matt Tavares, bassist Chester Stone Hansen, and drummer Alex Sowinski have released 2 albums since their humble beginnings, the first of which received rave reviews for their unique blend of hip hop samples and jazz improvisation. Having just released their second album – BBNG2 – with the promise that “nobody over the age of 21 was involved in the making of this album”, BADBADNOTGOOD are showing that young musicians should be taken seriously and actually are indeed capable of writing songs that aren’t about their favourite day of the week. (Can you believe that was a year ago now?)

Augmenting the likes of “Earl” and “Limit to your Love” by James Blake, BBNG seem to be on a mission to reintroduce jazz music, albeit with their little hip hop twist, but hey, who doesn’t like a hip hop twist.

Pick up their free second album (HERE) and also be sure to check them out if you’re heading to Coachella this year – they’ll be the band playing prior to the gates opening and closing.

and my favourite of the album – “Bastard/Lemonade”

P.s doesn’t this just look fun?

A Tribe Called Quest – Electric Relaxation


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