Kilo Kish – Homeschool EP

So, I was fortunate enough to join the rest of the Wolf Gang at the O2 in Brixton last week; I would have written a live review of Odd Future had I not consumed copious amounts of Heineken and Red Stripe (mixing drinks) before the gig. If I was to sum it up in one sentence, I’d say people were killed, shit was burned and schools were fucked. It was everything that I had anticipated and well worth the 8 hours of travelling to and from London; I’d like to think that I can now travel around London like a boss and not look like a noob fumbling for change at the Tube ticket office.

With 4 hours to kill on the coach to the Big Smoke, I thought I’d pass the time by consuming every ounce of OF that I had on my iPhone, which includes the sublime ‘Purple Naked Ladies’ by The Internet. And it was only on this journey that I sat and wondered, ‘’who’s voice is that on an ‘Ode to a Dream?’’ It turns out that it’s that of New York artist, designer and student Kilo Kish (does everyone cool come from NYC?)

I then completely forgot about Kilo until a couple of days ago, when I stumbled across ‘You’re Right’ which just so happens to be off her 9 track debut EP Homeschool. If I was to describe Kilo Kish, I’d say she’s like if Uffie and Syd tha Kyd were Siamese twins that chilled with Tyler and Pharell, does that paint a picture? I hope it does. The production on the EP came from The Internet, Kream Team, Hal Williams, The Super 3, & Pyramid Murdock. The beats on Homeschool are sick, the vocals are uninhibitedly dreamy and I’ve added her to list of people that I want to marry. Earl and Childish Gambino have already tweeted about how rad this record is, and she also chills with A$AP Rocky, that’s what’s up.

You can download it here.


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