The Neighbourhood; Sweater Weather

I think it’s the effect of the disastrous personal events that followed my not-so-disastrous spring break trip to the Dominican – but I’ve recently come off the kush and OJ beats and have swung back again to the sweet sweet sounds of the powerchord. Adding to the fact that rhymes about fucking bitches and hoes just isn’t hitting the right sentimental strings for me right now, I’ve full circled and arrived at ‘The Neighbourhood’.

This 5 piece from California released ‘Female Robbery’ in January of this year but I hadn’t heard it till I’d heard their latest single, ‘Sweater Weather’ hit the bloggosphere. I’m going to try my best not to make this another one of those, ‘this song speaks to me’ reviews, but it’s uncanny how I almost feel like this song was written for the exact Ben that returned back to Phili that post-spring break Sunday morning.

Stealing a little thunder from Foster the People (even though I think Mark Foster is having the last laugh after recently signing up with Converse) The Neighbourhood is the 2012 equivalent of that mysterious indie-rock group that remain pretty much off the radar, yet are known everywhere for releasing that chart topping single that would/could/should be on everyone’s summer playlists.

‘Sweater Weather’ introduces perfect aesthetics; the storytelling lyrics, muffled guitar and a classy black and white video all merge into this image of old school vs. new school rock and roll; a band image which they defiantly got right. With no sign of what is to come – I’m intrigued to see what’s next considering how much I already feel for this song.

“All I am,
Is a Man,
I want the world,
In my hands”

That just hit’s home; Let’s have a round of applause for the revival of the dark hipster culture and frontman Jesse James Rutherford.

Check out the video below.


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