Hoodie Allen; No Interruption

“I got power like a m*ther f*cking X-man”

After having ‘James Franco‘ on repeat for a stupid number of weeks back at the start of 2nd year, Hoodie Allen kind of faded into the oblivion for me. I was hoping that this 22 year old wasn’t just going to lead with 2011 Summer album ‘Leap Year’ and then simply desert his huge social media fan base; be that ‘white college rapper’ with one good album, or whatever. But “No Interruptions” brings a halt to all that disappointment and instead I woke up this morning to news that his upcoming EP All American is out April 10th. I’m not going to lie, this is the first time I’ve been excited for an album since Vampire Weekend.

Hoodie Allen’s style, lest you forget – is one of clever lyrical precision and adding to the fact that “No Interruptions” is entirely original with no samples – you get a track that has been shooting up the iTunes top 25 single’s list..and for good reason.

The chorus does have him singing the cliche ‘lady friend to tell him that she wants him and that he will fulfil her every need…with no interruption’ and that just doesn’t float my boat but his constant culture references and links to name drops always leave me impressed and yes, I even jived in bed a little the first time I listened to this track. He references UFC wrestler Anderson Silva and even Anders Homvik from my all time favourite show Workaholics – it was an enjoyment jive.

Hoodie Allen has definitely shown that he is here to stay, and after that conversation on white rapper supremacy the last time VYNLY mentioned him about …I think he’s definitely beating Jamie. (LINK)

His new EP All American is out April 10th, but if you haven’t had a listen to his summer EP Leap Year, your loss could be remedied (HERE)

P.S The chicks in the video are top notch – and I thought I was a brunette man.


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