J.Cole – Grew Up Fast

You’re the brightest rapper in the game you say? You now have 2 million followers on Twitter you say? You’re releasing a little something to celebrate you say? Something for the fans? I see what you’ve done Jermaine but we’ve all been there, done that, bought the Mac Miller T-shirt.  Maybe I’m being a bit harsh on Cole, it’s practically the first thing we’ve heard from King Simba since he dropped Cole World all those many moons ago, a record I’ve actually re-evaluated this week. I’ve upgraded it from a 6/10 to a 7/10, this s because I realised that I give it heavy playback on iTunes even though I didn’t think I rated it all that great.

Nevertheless, we’ve got a free track on our hands in the shape of ‘Grew Up Fast,’ a topic that is most definitely close to J’s heart, he’s had to grow an extra 6 foot 7 foot since the unbelievable level of hype that was thrust upon him by everyone (including us) a couple of years back. He hasn’t fulfilled his potential yet, but we’re sure he will eventually, sadly this track is in the same vein as most of his other free releases. A solid beat, nice sampling, OK lyrics, but all in all, pretty ‘meh.’

Having said that it does sample former Temptations member David Ruffin‘s 1969 record “The Double Cross” which Canei Finch deserves props for. And away from hip-hop, Cole’s going to be all over the NBA All-star weekend; he’s taking part in the celebrity game alongside Common & Ne-Yo, and has also landed a spot as a guest judge for the Sprite Slam Dunk showdown. I’d put my house on Cole dunking on someone in the celeb game, preferably Vinny Guadagnino. Check out ‘Grew Up Fast’ after the jump.

Download: J.Cole – Grew Up Fast


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