Da Chip Vol.2

So I’ve been a fan of video games since I first picked up a Sega Mega Drive controller when I was around 5 or 6, Streets Of Rage was always my game of choice way back then, with Golden Axe coming in a close second. I’ve also been a fan of Guy Manuel & Thomas Bangalter AKA Daft Punk since as long as I can remember, I have multiple t-shirts, special edition records, special edition posters, Tron on limited edition and Discovery is undoubtedly the greatest album of all time; that isn’t even up for discussion. So when I discovered that the futuristic collective ‘Da Chip’ have come up with a second compilation of chiptune covers of Daft Punk songs, I made a little wee in my pants. What the compilation essentially is, is an 8-bit remake of classics from the Daft Punk back catalogue, encapsulating everything from ‘Homework’ to the Tron soundtrack; and it’s a stunner.

Da Chip worked alognised Aonami from Japan, ∆®¥ \/\/∆®|\|∆∆®, Cheapshot, Ctrix, FCKJAZZFORAMINUTE, Henry Homesweet, IAYD, JE DEVIENS DJ EN 3 JOURS, Knife City, Rushjet1, Sabrepule, Sulumi and Zombectro to produce this little gem. If you’re a fan of retro games or Daft Punk I recommend you hit the download button, the first volume was released in 2009, and that’s definitely worth a gander as well.

Download Vol. I & Vol. II here.

And since I brought it up:


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