Chiddy Bang – Extra Well (feat. Chip Tha Ripper)

It isn’t a well kept secret that in the past I haven’t been the biggest Chiddy Bang fan; I think this is primarily down to them using the MGMT’s ‘Kids’ sample on their debut single ‘Opposite of Adults,’ a sample that I find sacrosanct. Having said that, I’m beginning to warm to Chidera & Xaph, having watched a couple interviews and fucked with their recent material, they look like cool guys. Vy-nly Ben has always rocked with Chiddy and I’m beginning to come around to his way of thinking.

I’ve played ‘Ray Charles’ and ‘By Your Side’ on our radio show (Real Talk) recently, and I think their latest release ‘Extra Well’ with Chip Tha Ripper is my favourite Chiddy Bang joint so far. I’m really feeling Chip Tha Ripper on the record, he goes hard. Their debut studio album ‘Breakfast’ is set for release in on the 28th of February, and it should be ‘pretty much amazing’ by the looks of things. They are also set to drop the mixtape, ‘Grab A Plate’ in the coming weeks, watch this space. Chip Chiddy Chip.

P.S. I still think ‘Opposite of Adults’ is ass.

Chiddy Bang & Chip Tha Ripper – Extra Well:


Also, here’s the new video for By Your Side:



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