J Dilla 1974-2006

Sup, today is an important day for the world of hip-hop, it’s Friday the 10th of February, 2012; it’s also the posthumous 38th birthday of the greatest beat maker to ever screw and chop a sample, J Dilla. I remember the first time I ever stumbled across some Dee, it was in the library of all places. The record that I had in my hand was Ruff Draft, I think I copped some Miles Davis and M83 the same day, my choices were clearly fire that day. And as epic as The Cool is, Dilla stood out of the trio; I couldn’t believe that I’d gone my entire hip-hop life without blazing any Jay Dee.

After doing some research on the wonderweb, it turns out that he was the genius behind so many sick hip-hop tracks, especially putting his magic touch to some of my favourite ballers like De La Soul, Common & Q-Tip. I might have been naive back then, but at least it gave me the opportunity to devour everything that Dilla had ever put out. And that’s what today is all about, bowing in the presence of greatness, and toasting the life of the former Slum Village member. I’ve only listened to McNasty today, and I doubt I’ll listen to anything else for a few days, so I suggest you do the same.

Rest In Beats Jay!



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