Shlohmo; Vacation & Places

Let me start of by saying that my perception of what America was before moving here, was completely wrong. Maybe it’s cause I’m looking for my own things, but what you see on TV isn’t what you should think this place is all about. Now, It’s been a while since this blog has drifted away from hip hop. It’s also ironic that now that I’m in Philli, in the state of my trio of favourite rappers, I stray back to the humble sounds of electronica. Ish. Never too far away though.

LA Native Henry Laufer a.k.a Shlohmo has been putting music out since the age of 18 with his first release Shlo-fi EP released of Error Broadcast records. Since then, his continuation of existential sounds and blend of hip hop has led him to create several bangers; “Suddenly”, “Pieces”, “Anywhere But Here”; all making a name for himself within the worlds of post-dub, lo-fi, abstract hip hop or whatever they are calling themselves these days. The ‘earthy electronica’ (I just created another one) is exactly what film makers should be celebrating – Shlohmo’s refined sounds and tempo make perfect backgrounds to visual spaces not to mention the quality of bass tones which make his stuff the ideal sounds for a late night ‘chill’. This genre is not as big as it should be. It’s the perfect atmospheric music – something that this man should pride himself in have produced.
“Places” is off his latest full length EP “Bad Vibes” – a must have if you don’t like bad music. If I had to describe it to you, I’d say you’d be expecting something along the lines of Gold Panda‘s enthusiasm vs. James Blake‘s subtleness in ‘Case of You’ – and that’s if I had to be precise. His latest release however, “wen uuu :)” follows up the success of his first single, a track that concretes his off beat style intentions. Off his upcoming “Vacation” EP, it’s encouraging how he’s way ahead of his time; his 7th of February release includes featured remixes with the likes of Nico Jaar, Airhead, Salva, and Groundislava; something that not many 21 year old producers could boast.

p.s How sick is that video?


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