(VY-NLY) Ben’s Top 10 of 2011

Maybe I should have been a little faster in writing this article – Jamie has some of my picks. You have to remember though that this was bound to happen because we’re pretty much the same person, except I’m Asian, and he doesn’t know how to set phone alarms. (a little bit of trivia for those who follow VYNLY’s shenanigans)

2011 was an incredible year for me, and probably one with the most ups and downs of any year. My 1 year anniversary of my 2 years of military national service, (yeah, that happened) finally settling into a continent where air conditioning is not needed and the language looks like someone has just smashed the keyboard and I started this thing; VYNLY. In between these momentous occasions, I passed my first year of university, I saw Wiz Khalifa Live, Newcastle United signed Demba Ba and I met the most extraordinary people – the lovers, the fighters, the addicts, the jokers, the enthusiasts, the writers, the footballers, everybody. I met everybody, and I’m glad I did.

Looking back at the music of 2011, I can’t help but think that 2012 has some big shoes to fill.

Which collaboration is going to spur as much hype as WATCH THE THRONE? I just don’t know.

As for now, I will leave you with my Top 10 of 2011 and a belated Happy 2K12.



My TOP 10 of 2011.

#10 Azealia Banks – 212

  • Technically, I only listened to this song this year, but it came out in September so…it counts. Also, Azealia will you marry me? We’d have incredibly good looking kids.


#9 Does It Offend You, Yeah? – John Hurts

  • Does It Offend You, Yeah? was the best live gig I think I’ll ever see. Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You was also a banger of an album. They kinda disappeared right after they released it though…or did they do a VYNLY and aim Japan?


#8 The Strokes – Manchu Pichu

  • Do I even need to explain what this is doing on here?


#7 Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire feat. Despot, Das Racist, Danny Brown & EL-P – The Last Huzzah

  • I really got into Das Racist this year, especially after that Conan performance of ‘Michael Jackson‘. DRUNK DRIVING ON A WEDNESDAY and referencing Kenan and Kel? Win.


#6 PMAC – Know Now

  • One of the artists ‘Introduced’ on REAL TALK last year. He’s kind of dissapeared now, but ‘Know Now’ stil remains my go to song if I ever need a little kick in the butt to get up and make something of my life.

#5 The Weeknd – High For This

  • The second half of the year was definitely the return of the crooner. The Weeknd and his three mixtapes took everyone by surprise, I’m sure. But the highlight of this track has to be its inclusion in Entourage, which will forever be the best television programme. Ever.


#4 James Blake – Unluck

  • Defiantly one of my favourite tracks of his debut album. It even made the soundtrack to a short film I made for a special Irish. Ouu.


#3 Chet FakerNo Diggity


#2 Frank OceanStrawberry Swing

  • My favourite artist of last year hands down. Best mixtape, best RnB tracks to come out for a while and no doubt one of the hottest affiliates to the almighty OFGWKTA.


#1 Young The Giant – Strings

  • Based solely on the fact that I think the lead singer is probably the coolest guy in the world, and that this track tops my iTunes playlist, which is an INCREDIBLE feat considering I spend too much time listening to music and my library currently sits at 32gb worth of tunes. *stop bragging

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