Asher Roth feat. Action Bronson; Choices

The King of the Blumpkins has definitely grown on me. I’ve always been a fan, but recently I just feel like he’s stepped it up a notch. Mr. Roth, along with VYNLY’s favourite Wiz Khalifa are probably the two guys in the game right now, that I would want to share a doub with, solely on the basis of how cool I think they are…and with that, I give you permission to judge me. Alright now get over it, I’m just like everyone else.

“Is This Too Orange?”Asher’s debut album attached Def Jam (yeah that happened) is set to be released sometime early next year, but it his latest project Pabst and Jazz EP that has been slowly trickling onto his tumblr and feeding fans what they’ve been looking for. In this latest release, Asher works with Ghostface Killah inspired Action Bronson in ‘Choices’, a track which exibits why both are highly regarded in the game right now.

I hadn’t really listened to Action Bronson before this track, but if this is what we’re expected to see – or even what he’s about – I’m in. BRB. Ok, I just Googled and Youtubed him – I’m defo in. This man gave up his job as a notable grill chef in Queens to become a rapper. He’s a rapper chef. #yesactionbronson

Make sure to get your hands on Pabst and Jazz EP on the 20th of December, but just as a side note, I’ll probably put up a link here cause it’s probably going to be make me feel greater than when I find my name on some random souvenir in a gift shop, or even better than when I get that perfect oreo twist.


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