Wiz Khalifa – ‘California’

It seems like an absolute age since the Vy-nly team set off for Brixton, armed with some Corvo, some samosas and the Mac Miller debut – Blue Slide Park, to go and hook up with Wiz Khalifa and the rest of the Taylor Gang at the O2 Academy. Wiz was phenomenal that night, which prompted us to have a long debate about who we would rather hang out with, Wiz or Kid Cudi. Wiz edged it, although we were probably starry eyed that night, and blinded by the four packs of Wiz Khalifa ‘Rolling Papers’ that we just had to buy, just because. It also seems like an absolute age since we have posted anything on here for y’all, we can only apologise for slacking, but we have become radio DJ’s in the meantime #realtalk.

For that reason, it’s probably fitting that our first post after (another) long hiatus is a new track from Wiz, it even comes with a video, which at this moment of time only has 305 views on YouTube, and we all know what that means by now (500k.) The title of the track is ‘California,’ and it comes off the forthcoming mixtape, ‘Taylor Allerdice,’ which should drop next week, we’ll make sure to drop a link as soon as it’s released. Back to the track, if you like standard Wiz lyrics coveted in weed lyrics or those dope beats off ‘Kush & OJ,’ you’ll be all over this. Does it matter that it was filmed in Hawaii and not Cali? Probably not, we like it and we 100% plan on watching ‘Mac + Devin Go To High School’ as soon as it’s out, and as soon as we stock up on the K & OJ.


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