VYNLY – Real Talk W/ Jamie and Ben

Theres nothing we can really say that would make up for the incredulous lie that we told about a month ago…we didn’t continue blogging. Yes, we did start uni again. No, we didn’t write any new articles. We have however, finally started our new side project that might be of some entertainment value (depending on your time difference and level of…lets call it ‘blondness’)

(Once again, just for egos sake) “Passing our ‘Freshman Year‘ of 100 articles and adding a couple of fresh faces to the cast of contributors” – we’ve finally taken the ambitious step of exposing our Beiber-esque voices on the radio.


We’re on the air! – with technical difficulties

Tune in Wednesday 10pm-11pm GMT.

We’re going to be live on Twitter during the shows so tweet us jokes, send us love or comment on how we sound like 2 pretentious pricks who shouldn’t be hosting a radio show, the choice is yours. We’d love some jokes though. We love jokes. Jokes.

Hope to hear from you soon!



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