Los Campesinos! – By Your Hand

”I’m not sure if it’s love anymore, but I’ve been thinking of you fondly for sure. Remember what your heart is for.”

I’m sure everyone under the sun has heard the age old saying, ‘too many cooks spoil the broth;’ this phrase might be spot on most of the time, but there’s a glaring exception, and it’s an indie band formed at Cardiff University. Who else could that be other than Los Campesinos! Consistently my favourite indie band for well, a long fucking time, despite having a staggering eight members (one fat lady) in the band. Too many cooks make the Los Campesinos! broth what it is, a ‘taste the difference Minestrone.’ The seven-piece have released three stonkingly good albums, my favourite being the obvious debut ‘Hold On Now, Youngster…’and low and behold they’re back with a new offering, ‘Hello Sadness.’ It hasn’t been released yet, no that won’t happen for a good two months, but we have been granted a sneak peak with the releasment (is that a word?) of the track ‘By Your Hand’ which is a snippet of what we should expect on the album and it’s also a free download. #winning

I’ve smashed it a good thirty five times since hearing it for the first time last week, it’s become the first song I listen to on the bus, which is pertinent when you look at the lyrics, ‘I was sitting on my hands at the top deck of the 178.’ It’s classic Los Camp! It’s what I’ve come to expect, and it’s exactly what I wanted from Gareth and the lads/ladettes; beautiful raw, mushy lyrics, plenty of instruments and a ‘talky’ at the end, it is Los Campesinos! in a nutshell. If you’re new to LC, go out and buy every album, and get ‘’International Tweexcore Underground’’ on vinyl…or go eat shit.

Download the single for free here.

Hello Sadness is set for release on the 14th of November.


No. Title Length
1. “By Your Hand”
2. “Songs About Your Girlfriend”
3. “Hello Sadness”
4. “Life Is A Long Time”
5. “Every Defeat A Divorce (Three Lions)”
6. “Hate For The Island”
7. “The Black Bird, The Dark Slope”
8. “To Tundra”
9. “Baby I Got The Death Rattle”
10. “Light Leaves, Dark Sees pt. II”

P.S. Los Campesinos! are playing thirty seconds from my house the same month #swag


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