Why? / By Torpedo Or Crohn’s

Suburban, White, Jewish boys learn how to be cool, by uhhh…not being cool…

Remember that one weird friend you always had in school? You were his only friend, nobody else liked him and you got funny looks when you decided to sit next to him at recess. Why choose him over your other trend-following, socially acceptable ‘friends’? Maybe it was because he was more interesting or maybe you just felt sorry for him. You just so happened to be paired up with him one day in science class and you unexpectedly hit it off. I could never quite accurately conclude the reason behind my desire to spend time with the guy, but it feels like the exact same reason for which I am currently in love with “Why?”.

Whether the sound of white boy Indie Hip-Hop appeals to you or not, you can’t help but be intrigued by the eerily cheerful, intricate melodies topped off with awkward but linguistically awe-inspiring rapping. Nerds are now cool, and upon taking one look at “Why?”, one would assume this is just another bunch of NME junkies who stumbled upon some old guitars and thick-frame glasses at a camden flea market. Don’t be fooled, there is great talent to be found in these guys and as ironic as it sounds, they were doing this BEFORE the hipsters.

They haven’t shown their faces in the industry since 2009 in which they released their most recent album “Eskimo Snow”, an album which shows a significant change from previous releases in that there is much less of a Hip-Hop element. Compare “January Twenty Something” with “By Torpedo or Crohn’s” from 2008’s “Alopecia” and a great distinction is obvious.

It is the classic story of a band that has too much talent, so much so that they begin to experiment with a sound that is not pleasing to the masses. They willingly stray into the realms of the underground scene, never to be heard of by anybody who would not seek out such music. They definitely deserve a listen.


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