Rumspringa / Shake Em Loose Tonight

Well what else would you expect a band named RUMSPRINGA to sound like? There’s no synths or drum machines here. These guys are nothing but classic, warm, rock n’ roll from the 21st century; a rare breed nowadays.

I’m not going to go to great lengths to write chunks of passages about the history of these kickass Californians because well…there isn’t much. All I can tell you is that they used to be a Black-Keys-esque drum n’ guitar duo but have recently switched to a full on 4-piece unit. The switch has most definitely benefited them greatly with their sound becoming 10-times bigger. After a few years floating around the LA scene, Joey Stephens and co. have started to generate a bit of much needed buzz.

They’re latest release, 2010’s “Sway”, is somewhat of an understated slab of genius tunes. You can hear a number of different musical influences here all packaged into one Bluesy envelope. Songs like “Beast” and “Sway” are chilled, 60’s inspired tracks whereas other numbers like “Criminal Love” and “Queer Eyed Boy” tend to be much more in your face. The thing I love the most about this band and this album is that all of the names are just perrrfect.

I can’t quite put my finger on what these guys sound like. The best description I can think of is, if Rumspringa was a person, he would be a lumberjack in skinny jeans.

Check em out!


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